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              PayPal - irinadidur57@gmail.com


Dear Sir or Madam,


"Give a paw, friend" - is a nonprofit organization for animal rights protectionin Zaporizhia, Ukraine.

Our organization has been in existencefor 7 years(since 2009).The mission of “Give a paw, friend” is to help the critically ill, injured/traumatized homeless animals, disabled and/or old, animals with long term rehabilitation after surgery, as well as animals from war-regions (from ATO zone).

Give a paw, friend” has three main directions of work:

  • rescue of seriously ill and injured animals
  • payment  for veterinary services, the cost of dire medications, treatments, vaccinations, as well as costs associated with spaying/neutering of our animals
  • shelter - Centre for Animal Rehabilitation (around 200 dogs + cat house)

Our shelter:                                                                                                                                            

The organization rents the territory from a private owner, with the size of 1000 m2(square meters). The area is fenced off with two main structures, two metal garages, and a detached quarantine enclosure, the rent, utilities and garbage are paid for by our organization. Entry in the register.

State registration number: 36878940

Animals housing:                                                                                                                                  

  • Animals are kept in five areas, separated by a partition, onto which insulated enclosures and booths are installed.
  • The quarantine enclosure is separate stand-alone room where postoperative animals are kept.
  • All animals in the shelter are provided with veterinary care and medical attention. After completing the necessary treatments in the veterinary clinic to stabilize the animal they are then treated against external and internal parasites, get vaccinated, and obtain a veterinary passport and if necessary Spayed/Neutered(depending on the age and health conditions).
  • All animals get collars.
  • Our shelter tries to test and identify the behavioral characteristics of the animals (the safe propensity, ability to bond with new owners) - everything the animal will encounter in the future with its new owners.
  • We keeprecords for all the animals as well as  the information of the people who adopt our animals so if there are any problems with the pet in their new home – we immediatelytake the pet back.


Animals feeding:                                                                                                                                   

  • The animals are provided with fresh water twice a day andin regards to meals: adult dogs get fed twice a day and puppies get fed three times a day. We feed the animals porridge with meat and fish, both dry and wet feeds, milk products, bread, as well as raw meat. But the food varies heavily depending on the financial situation at the time being.
  • We clean the property as well as all the animal enclosures.

Because of a year long court battle with the raider forces, who illegally wanted to privatize our territory, due to this our funds have significantly suffered. We have had our lights cut off as well as our heating. This makes it impossible for us to cook for our animals. The only possible outcome is to feed our animals in the day: 

  1. first time - with dry dog food;
  2. second time – we feed them food from public catering extras (children's hospital, military barracks, pre-K/kindergarten, café) which we transport by car «Zhiguli/kopecka» (very, very old car). 

Since only volunteers are working with us (these people come to help out after a full workday and then spend 4-5 hours helping the shelter) we do not have to pay anyone for "labor costs". When we are unable to buy dry food (even in credit), or our car was broken, we ask near by citizens for help, either to bring whatever they can to feed the animals or help with a ride to collect food for the second feeding. The café cooks soup for puppies totaling about 3 to 5 thirty-liter containers, and visitors sometimes bring food.


Budget and Volunteers:                                                                                                                        

As noncommercial organization, all our resources - All of our funds come from donations (directly from people and from UBB- Ukrainian Philanthropic Marketplace). The UBB helps us withfundraisers as well as other resources.The dry dog/cat food is bought and brought in bulk by the members of veterinary clinic “Friends/support”.

The Shelter exists of this charitable donations and help from members of the organization. It is mean that all those, who works for animals care, for shelter activities providing and for holding / "new home" search - always work on free volunteer aid principles.

There are NO hired personnel, there is NO permanent money.

When we do have the funds for medical care/procedures, the clinic that we working with allows us to do the necessary operation and/or treatment in credit , which we must to pay back later from our donations. Right now we have really big and tangible financial difficulties! We are working in credit and do not manage to give the money back. Moreover we cannot stop to rescue animals! We cannot leave them on the roads, with tearing paws, poisoned, in sickness, thrown out like a toy. We cannot!!

Because of many aspects, life in Ukraine became harder not only for people, but even more for homeless animals. People are still helping us, as much as they can (we are so thankful for every drop from you!) , but it is sorely lacking. People are trying to survive for themselves so for these wounded and homeless animals on the streets, there is almost no chance of survival. In this case, the phrase - "tighten the belt" has come to mean for us - "tighten the rope around the neck" tragically without exaggeration.

                          Our hope is - to ask for help.                         

Our animals cannot ask, but they can look in our eyes.  We just want to give a chance for more animals to be rescued, to find a new home and new happy life. That is what our hearts want – never again to let them know what the pain, needlessness, suffering, estrangement, loneliness, diseases are. If not we are, then who instead of us?

The reports and needs of topic “Food debt” and “Clinic debt”, you can find on our website or in financial reports topic on our social pages.

 Regardless of how much or how little you are able to help is not important, the people of this shelter will greatly appreciate any help at all.

For us are always important:
  1. Distribution of leaflets and announcements, search owners for the animals, participate in regular promotions "Find a Friend" of the city markets.
  2. Help in hosting the animals: 10 days after sterilization, dogs and cats/ Till dogs (puppies) and cats (kittens) will find their new home/ In the postoperative period (the testimony of a veterinarian).
  3. Help with “hands” and personal time - to help to catch, to help to accompanied by delivery of injured or sick animal to the clinic;
  4. Working in an orphanage - daily cleaning of the territory, enclosures, buildings, feeding the animals, care of them, medical procedures, attention to animals.
  5. Financial assistance: pet food, veterinary and medical products, bowls, collars, leashes, unnecessary warm clothes and cotton products for beddings the floor for the animals.
  6. Help with transport for the delivery of animals or household items.
  7. Household equipment - brooms, brushes, shovels, spades, buckets, bowls, detergents and disinfectants, trolleys, heaters, firewood, hay.
  9. Financial assistance - we guarantee full transparency of the report. Financial assistance can be delivered to our bank account.

  We will be glad for any provision of funds!

  • Dry foods for dogs and cats
  • Dry food for puppies
  • Canned food for dogs and cats
  • Canned food for puppies
  • Protection against fleas and ticks
  • Anthelmintic drugs
  • Vaccines, vaccination for dogs and cats
  • Veterinary medicines and preparations for dogs and cats
  • warm clothes
  • cardboard
  • Building materials for the booths, enclosures or complete booth and aviary
  • Necessary medical equipment (bandages, bandages, cotton wool, gloves, syringes, quartz lamps, etc.)
  • Medicines (antibiotics - ceftazidime, enroksil, aoksitsilin ointment levomikol, dioksizol, Vishnevsky ointment, chemisprey, yodditserin, novocaine, gamavit, katazal, Ringer's solution, glucose 5%, metragil, Vakderm, riboksin, dimexide, Traumeel, hondoetin with glucosamine, calcium supplements, cycloferon,immunofan, neuromedin, Cerebrolysin, veterinary fosprinil, disposable syringes, bandages, bandages veterinary for fixation, Disposable diaper absorbence, diapers №5). Detailed information to help a particular animal can be seen in the "Targeted assistance" unit

Also, we will not refuse of: 

  • Dog toys, bones, biscuits
  • toys for cats
  • Hygiene products for dogs and cats (shampoo, soap, a comb)
  • Collars, leashes, roulette for dogs and cats
  • Carry boxes,  _, couches for dogs and cats
  • Bowls for dogs and cats
  • Trays for cats

                                            Any help is  priceless!                                       

Organization contact information:

Shelter "Give a paw, friend" (Дай лапу, друг)

Nezalezhnoi Ukrainy St  38a, 69032 Zaporizhia, Ukraine



If you want to come to us, please call beforehand:

+38(061)220-81-25, +38(096)39-35-377

Communication by E-mail: daylapu@i.ua - Irina Didur

Official website: http://day-lapu-drug.zp.ua/                                                                                          

Facebook (Eng. New): https://www.facebook.com/daylapudrug                                                            

Facebook (French): https://www.facebook.com/DONNE-la-PATTE-AMI-538239983032557/                

Facebook (Ukraine):https://www.facebook.com/groups/daylapu                                                            


Essential elements of our foreign currency account: 


Impressum Valutakonto (Dollar)

Company details:



The bank account of the company: 26004055706927

Name of the bank: Privatbank, Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine


Company address UA 69071Zaporizhia city, Cytrusova street 3 flat 20

IBAN Code UA213133990000026004055706927

Correspondent banks:

Account in the correspondent bank 001-1-000080

SWIFT-code of the correspondent bank CHASUS33

Correspondent bank JP Morgan Chase Bank,New York ,USA

Account in the correspondent bank 890-0085-754

SWIFT-code of the correspondent bank IRVT US 3N

Correspondent bank The Bank of New York Mellon, New York, USA


Impressum Valutakonto (evro)

Company details:



The bank account of the company 26002055707694

Name of the bank Privatbank, Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine


Company address UA 69071 м ЗАПОРIЖЖЯ вул ЦИТРУСОВА д.3 кв.20

IBAN Code UA633133990000026002055707694

Correspondent banks:

Account in the correspondent bank 400886700401

SWIFT-code of the correspondent bank COBADEFF

Correspondent bank Commerzbank AG ,Frankfurt am Main, Germany

+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++International payment system




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